Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Love my Nonna!!

I apologize in advance if this post gets a little sappy, but what can I say, I LOVE MY NONNA!! As most of you know, my nonna (and most of my family for that matter) lives in Italy and I live in the US. Most of the time, I try not to let the distance between us affect me, but there are other times where all I can think about is how much I miss her and wish more than anything, that she lived down the street from me. Unfortunately, she doesn't and on those rough days, I call her and we chat for hours and that does make me feel a bit better. At the end of the day, I'm just a girl with a big heart and I feel like there is a little hole in my heart that needs to be filled by her hugs and kisses. I do try my best to go visit her as often as I can but as you all know, it's not that easy and can get very pricey. My love for cooking came from her, I remember being a tiny little thing and my nonno (grand pop) making me a wooden stool so I could stand on it right next to her wanting to help and do anything she needed done. The thing about it for me that makes cooking (and eating of course) so special, is how it makes people feel. If you're not feeling well, lay down and I'll make you some soup, if it's your birthday, sit down I'll make you your favorite meal, if it's a Holiday, a big meal is the centerpiece of it, so you get what I'm saying, to me, it's the solution to everything. My nonna is truly passionate about cooking for that exact reason. It's not about impressing someone with your skills, it's about love, comfort, and the joy you get knowing that a simple meal makes people feel that way. When I'm feeling a little down from missing her and the rest of my family, I like to prepare a meal full of my and her favorite dishes to be shared with friends and believe it or not, that really does make me feel so much better! As cliche as this sounds, the kitchen really is the heart of the home and food feeds me in more than one way. I wanted to share a few pictures with you and also a couple recipes that I make non-stop because they make me feel like my nonna is right here with me. 

Nonna, me and Little Laura, my adorable little cousin.

With nonna in our favorite market on Saturday morning, picking up some fresh fruits and veggies.

Making our favorite apple cake, incredibly good!! 

Even though I'm not in this picture, I wanted to share it with you so you can see her teaching my younger cousins to bake, just like she taught me. This picture is so precious to me! 

Here is the episode where we made her apple cake together, you must make this now! 

And of course, I have to share the episode where we made gnocchi together. The very first thing I ever learned to make from her! 

Cheers to all the wonderful nonnas out there! 


  1. That cake sounds great! It's wonderful that you are so close with your Nonna! She is sweet and I love that she is passing on her baking talents, recipes, and pointers and teaching the next generation. It's so important! I hope my grandchildren will look up to me, and remember me as fondly as you do her!
    Linda @ Grandmalay's Daydreams P.S. Oh Please turn off your word verification, I had an awful time with it, and you really don't need it!

  2. Thanks for Shareing your Nonna with us and the Cake recipe.......She has taught you well and I am sure she is so very proud of you and what your doing with Laura in the Kitchen. The Very Best to both of you.....

  3. Your Nonna brings back memories of my own......God bless her and you !!!!

  4. In today's world where everyone is doing their own things, I love that you are such a sweet, loving and down home girl with values and sincerity where your family is concerned. When are people gonna take the time from their busy lives to appreciate their "Familia"? Great that you have such Love for your Noona<3

  5. Hi Laura I really understand how you feel about your family being far away I'm spanish I grew up in Barcelona but my mom is Mexican so all my mom's family is in Mexico and sometimes it gets hard and you just need and want to be around your family. My grandad was italian so i also call them nonno and nonna and I miss them a lot
    Thanks for sharing all your nice stories and specially your recipes :)

  6. Laura, It would be so grand to see a picture of you and your sweet Nonna when you were a little girl. Does such a picture exist?

  7. Unfortunately, she doesn't and on those rough days, I call her and we chat for hours and that does make me feel a bit better. Match review At the end of the day, I'm just a girl with a big heart and I feel like there is a little hole in my heart that needs to be filled by her hugs and kisses.

  8. it's wonderful that you have had the times you had with your nonna and you are at least able to pick up the phone and speak to her and are still able from time to time to visit her :) treasured days and time well spent. :) God Bless you both Wonderful times and Great memories and more to come!!! What is nonnas favorite meal? Does anyone cook for her on her special occasions? Birthdays etc.

  9. Laura, I was watching your episode making the Turkey Chile and I'm so glad that you hate green bell peppers. Me too! I can't stand them but I always put them in the chile I made because I thought that is what you have to do. From now on, I will not use the green peppers again. I like the red (I'm Italian also) Orange, Yellow. Thanks for not making me feel odd about the peppers.

  10. I loved reading this. Sappy is wonderful when it comes to those we love. There's always a smile on my face when I see you and your Nonna. I had such a special relationship with my grandma and I miss her every single day, but was so lucky that remained healthy until her death at 98 (five years ago today). I'm 62 and I still forget that when I think of Grandma. Love her and enjoy her, Laura!

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